Learn Craftsmanship with us

The New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School offers training
and tools to learn Craftsmanship through Boatbuilding.

About the trust

The New Zealand Traditional Boat Building School is a volunteer run charitable trust started in 2005 that has been providing education, skills development, personal growth, Community support, Youth development and plays an active part in maintaining New Zealand’s valuable maritime history.

We Need Your Help to continue the good work

The New Zealand Traditional Boat Building School is a volunteer run charity but due to increasing costs, Covid 19 and a lack of available support from other funding sources this year we are struggling to survive. We need in excess of $20,000 opex per year just to keep the doors open and the lights on. Although we charge for our courses and all of our day to day operations are provided by volunteers we simply can’t generate enough income from this to survive.

Please help us to keep the lights on by contributing below.

Learn with us

We offer training and opportunities to learn how to work with your hands. Courses run every few weeks, and all skill levels are welcome.

What our Students are saying about us

“Brilliant two day course, Want to do more”

“Great Teacher, Will be recommending to my friends”

“Great course for foundation of wood working”

“Great time learning more about boat craft”

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