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In The mean time here’s the proposed list of upcoming courses to wet your appetite 

    • Essential Skills 101, A two day Hands on course teaching lots of valuable skills formal plywood boat building. 
    • Essential Skills 102, A new two day course taking you onto the next steps in building your own small boat.
    • Half Model, A two day course lofting and then building a half model to take home with you.
    • Oar Making, A two day course making a pair of spoon blade oars to take home.
    • Steam Bending, A one day course on bending wood with steam
    • Lofting, A two day course as an introduction to lofting.
    • Introduction to hand Tools, A two day course learning all about working with hand tools, cutting, marking, planing whilst making your own tool caddy.
    • Introduction to Wood turning, A two day course teaching the skills to embark on woodturning.
    • Pond Yachts, A new course on building a pond yacht to take home.
    • Kids build program, A multi day course building and launching a small dinghy for Kids.
    • Introduction to Boat Design, Another new course on learning about designing your own small boat.
    • Professional  Development, A course especially for Woodwork teachers.

Stay tuned for updates and further information on these and more soon.