“Craftsmanship through Boat Building”

Boatcrafts.NZ is our new project  based on teaching craftsmanship through the skills of boat building, Our aim is to enrich peoples lives through using their hands and learning the lost art of craftsmanship.

We have a wonderful selection of short courses coming up, there is surely to be something for everyone here and as well as our hands on courses we are organising  a series of seminars on popular topics.

Heres what we have planned for the next few months:

27th April     Marine propulsion systems    1 day Seminar     Cost: $60

This is a one day seminar and will cover a wide range of propulsion systems including propellors and drive train, re-powering and an in depth look at electric propulsion systems using a real example as the test bed. This seminar is being delivered by Mark Power, Colin Pawson, Kere Kemp. click here to learn more.

4/5 May     Build a half model     2 day hands on course     cost: $250

This is a two day course on building half models, you will learn the basics of lofting and develop a great understanding of how lines are used to design a boat hull. During the two days you will build your own half model to take home. delivered by Allan Hooper. click here to learn more.

11/12 May     Essential skills course     2 days hands on course     cost: $250

This is our most popular course and is a fantastic introduction to working with wood and building small boats, you will learn all sorts of tips and tricks and many valuable lessons that you can take away to apply to your own projects. delivered by John Welsford click here to learn more.

18/19 May     Lofting     2 days hands on course     cost: $250

Unravel the mysteries of lofting on this two day course, you will learn to take a table of offsets and loft this out into a full set of lines from which you could build the boat. Extremely valuable skill if you are even slightly interested in boat design or building. delivered by Allan Hooper. click here to learn more.

25th May     Working with Composites     1 day hands on course     cost: $150

Get an insight into working cleanly and efficiently with composite materials. This course is being delivered by Adrian Pawson from Southern spars. click here to learn more.

8/9 June     Steam bending and fitting ribs     1 day hands on course     cost: $150

This is a truly hands on course, you will be involved in selection, steaming and fitting of real ribs in a real boat. This is the backbone of clinker and carvel boat construction. delivered by Mark Robinson & Allan Hooper. click here for more info